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Intensive Training on Bread Making and Bakery Operations

Bread business is no doubt a very profitable business but not without having the know-how about the venture. However, attached to the juicy prospect is a pinch of risk that has the capacity to make or mar invested interest.

Meanwhile, it is no news that Nigerians love to invest in businesses that promises high turnover. But,not many of investors take time to get the required training and knowledge about the business intricacies before diving in.

Inevitably, this has led to many bakery failures. No thanks to employed bakers who waste no time in squeezing life out of the business because of the lack of experience on the side of the investor.

It is simple. Bread business is a professional business that entails a reasonable level of know-how. A bakery owner should dictate the pace of the business from the point of production to the point of sales because he is the business driver. Not having a good knowledge of the business is tantamount to losing the gains of the business to people with better knowledge. It is said that when people with money meet with people with experience; the experienced leave with money and the one with money goes home with an experience. Experience! Your guess is as good as mine.

bread2Meanwhile, KingsNotch is strategically positioned to be of solution in this regard. We are a team of professionals with the passion to bridge the baking knowledge gap. We are concerned about the rate at which investors fall into the hands of fraudulent bakers who diverts ingredients for personal use and rob investors of their years of sweat.

We offer intensive training on bread making and bakery operations. The benefits includes:

Bread Making Training

  • Practically make bread (Hand kneading).
  • On handling bread faults to avoid wastage/loss.
  • Bread produced by graduants can compete favourably with established bread brands.
  • Provision of aprons for students.
  • We teach how to make varieties of bread.
  • We teach how to maintain quality and unique taste.

KingsNotch’s course outline includes:


  • Practical bread making
  • Quality Assurance
  • Career guide in Baking
  • Baking Rules
  • Ingredient Care and Control
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Hygiene Standard
  • Bakery setup and management
  • Ingredient care and Control
  • Equipment Acquisition and maintenance
  • Bread Supply and Distribution
  • Corporate identity (Branding)
  • Prioritization strategy
  • Manpower and Remuneration
  • Legal and government regulations

At this juncture, may I enjoin potential investors never to embark on bread business without getting the required training that would help them to protect their interest and aid business success.

At present, we offer one-on-one Home Training and general training course to passionate trainees. For this reason, we decided to provide a learning environment that enables a less-crowded, detailed and comprehensive training session. Finally, we are not limited by space. Wherever you need us, there we are.

Kindly contact us via www.kingsnotch.com. We look forward to having a robust business relationship with you.